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Speedboat Tours in Salvador

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Lancha Real 24 barco salvador

Lancha Real 24

Max People : 8
Aluguel e passeio de lancha Catamarã Power Cat 44 em Salvador, Bahia.

Catamarã Power Cat 44

Max People : 20 + 2 tripulantes

Iate IV em Salvador

Max People : 22 + 2
Lancha em Salvador

Lancha em Salvador

Max People : 14 + 1
Lancha Phantom 303 - Queen's Sea - Barco em Salvador

Lancha Phantom 303

Max People : 9 + 1
Escuna em Salvador

Escuna em Salvador

Max People : 30 + 2

Iate III em Salvador

Max People : 14 + 1

Iate II em Salvador

Max People : 20 + 1
Lancha em Salvador

Lancha IV

Max People : 11 + 1
Lancha Barco em Salvador

Lancha V

Max People : 11 +1

Iate em Salvador

Max People : 14 + 1

Lancha 42

Max People : 12 + 1

How to rent a boat?


Find the Perfect Boat

First, choose the boat that best meets your needs and preferences.



Then, get in touch via email, phone, WhatsApp or form on the boat page and let us know your choice.


Confirm Reservation

As soon as payment is actually confirmed, you will receive confirmation of your reservation.


Enjoy the ride

Finally, enjoy the ride and have an unforgettable experience on board! 🌊⛵

Why Choose a Boat Tour in Salvador?

Salvador, the vibrant capital of Bahia, is renowned for its rich history, music, gastronomy, and joyful spirit. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore this beautiful city from the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean? A boat tour in Salvador offers a unique opportunity to do just that.

Why Opt for a Speedboat Tour?

  1. Scenic Beauty: Sail along one of Brazil’s most diverse coastlines, home to over 50 islands and paradisiacal beaches. Each island has its own unique charm and allure.

  2. Snorkeling and Marine Life: Dive into the warm, transparent waters of the Bahian sea. Snorkel among colorful fish, turtles, and vibrant coral reefs.

  3. Historical Landmarks: Visit historic forts, monuments, and fortresses that tell the story of Salvador’s past. From the iconic Elevador Lacerda to the picturesque Forte São Marcelo, each stop reveals a piece of the city’s heritage.

  4. Culinary Delights: Savor typical Bahian flavors on board. Taste local dishes while surrounded by breathtaking views.

  5. Sunset Magic: Witness the sun setting over the horizon, casting a golden glow on the water. Capture unforgettable moments against this stunning backdrop.

Our Lanchas (Speedboats)

  • Lancha Real 24: Ideal for small groups of up to 8 passengers. Comfortable cabin and lounge area with TV. Perfect for family outings or romantic escapes.

  • Catamarã Power Cat 44: Spacious vessel for up to 20 passengers plus 2 crew members. Enjoy the open deck and luxurious amenities.

Booking Your Adventure

  1. Explore Our Fleet: Visit our website and browse our fleet of boats. Filter by type, size, price, location, and whether you need a crew.

  2. Contact Us: Reach out via WhatsApp or email to discuss your choice. Secure your reservation with safe online payment.

  3. Enjoy the Experience: Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, seeking family fun, or simply unwinding, a lancha tour in Salvador promises an unforgettable adventure.

Contact Navegue Temporada

Ready to set sail? Contact Navegue Temporada for reservations, questions, or suggestions. Explore Salvador’s beauty from a whole new perspective! 🌊⛵

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Can I Rent a Boat with Navegue Temporada?

    • Explore our fleet, choose your ideal boat, contact us via WhatsApp, and confirm your reservation with secure online payment.
  2. What Types of Boats Are Available for Rent?

    • We offer speedboats, sailboats, yachts, and more.
  3. What Are the Most Popular Destinations for Boat Rentals?

    • Angra dos Reis, Arraial do Cabo, Balneário Camboriú, Búzios, and more.
  4. What Services Are Included in Boat Rentals?

    • Varies by boat type, but typically includes crew, safety equipment, and sometimes food and drinks.
  5. What Are the Prices for Boat Rentals?

    • Prices vary based on boat type, duration, and additional services.
  6. What Should I Consider When Choosing a Boat to Rent?

    • Consider group size, comfort, amenities, and your desired experience.
  7. What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

    • Secure online payment options are available.
  8. How Can I Cancel or Modify My Reservation?

    • Contact us for assistance.
  9. How Can I Get in Touch with Navegue Temporada?

    • Visit our website or reach out via WhatsApp or email.